The logistics chain begins with the effective, large scale sourcing of biomass.

HEPTA is leveraging its expertise on a variety of projects:

Long-term concession with the Belarus government for forest exploitation and efficient management

Creating and managing a eucalyptus forest in the Tunisian desert for woodchip production

Local woodchip sourcing in the USA

Local woodchip sourcing in the Ukraine

The above is achieved thanks to the following:

Forest development: Considering the growth in consumption expected in the next 20 years, wood resources will be severely depleted if capacity is not adequately developed. By investing in forest development in pre-desertic areas Hepta reaches three major targets in its development: renewable, sustainable, green business.

Harvesting and replanting: To guarantee that Hepta Group business is renewable, we must protect and enhance the basic resource, therefore harvesting is the coherent philosophy underlining our forest management activities.

Sourcing of logs and woodchips : each one of our local entities is structured to source, purchase, and stock logs. We have developed storage areas to store the logs delivered waiting for transformation. Specific areas and industrial facilities are dedicated to receiving, unloading and stocking woodchips.

To give an idea of the size of stockage areas required, depending on the quality of wood, 1 metric ton of woodchips sizes between 1 to 3 cubic meters. In HEPTA, we ensure standard delivery from 15.000, 30.000 until 100.000 cubic meters.

The latest experiments carried out by HEPTA in this direction have led the company to develop a know-how dedicated to the preparation of raw materials suitable for the production of second-generation bioethanol.

Wood chipping is a highly automated activity demanding – in the industrialized model of HEPTA – large and easily accessible and manageable storage areas.

This allows our company maximum Flexibility in providing Clients with Large Quantities of woodchips, at the requested level of Quality, at attractive Prices, within the agreed Timing.

To meet demand, we have developed adequate production tools in all of our facilities, requiring considerable investments in machines that are specifically adapted to wood transformation and production of large industrial volumes: our capacity is to reach not only big quantities of demand from our clients, but also to adjust the quality of the materials to meet the requirements of our clients on all different types of technologies.